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Passenger Jones: Music

Clouds Fighting

(Passenger Jones - Float Slowly)
January 31, 2009
Taylor Hildebrand, Passenger Jones
Sitting on a balancing beam, I watch the clouds get to fighting.
I swing my legs and wonder if it's real.
The fact is I'm frightened.
Is that why you don't ever come around?

So I write it out and I know it's true
That I tend to be long winded.
I fold it up and put it by the bed
and you read it and like it.
I wish you just stop and turn around.
Just stop and turn around.
I guess I could stop and help it now.

Hang me up in line with your clothes
Where the rain could never wet me
Like water down the sink that we lose
Hell I'll come back all refreshing.
And I don't care if you don't ever come around.
You don't ever come around.
I guess it's fair to say it's over now.