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Passenger Jones: Press

Photographs of Passenger Jones's CD release party (Jan. 31, 2009) at Hal and Mal's Redroom by Frank Ezelle.
Frank Ezelle - mySpace (Feb 4, 2009)
Jackson's own Passenger Jones, the cello-driven roots rock act that has been acclaimed for its literary-minded, distinctly Southern sound, held a CD release party for its long-awaited full-length debut album Float Slowly at Hal & Mal's Red Room on Saturday, Jan. 31. Metromix's camera was there for this momentous occassion. Check out samples of the album at
This is your captain speaking. As we prepare for takeoff, we invite you to remove the headphones from your seat console and plug them into the audio outlet underneath your right armrest. Your ears will welcome the roaring sounds of Passenger Jones. Please expect to hear soul-crushing thunderclaps of whiskey-beaten roots-rock and deep, ringing vocals.

Jackson-based band Passenger Jones formed eight years ago when Taylor Hildebrand, Patrick Sanders and John Bondurant... (Read More)
....Martin’s this Saturday night will feature indie-alt. rockers Roosevelt Noise and the cello-driven roots-rock favorites Passenger Jones. These are two of Jackson’s most solid candidates to break into the national scene. Passenger Jones guitarist/frontman, Taylor Hildebrand, has sonorous, emotional vocals that are amazingly original with some Dave Matthews overtones. If you wondered who is next in line to take up the best up-and-coming indie rock mantle....
Twenty-eight-year-old Byron Knight had no original intention of opening a gourmet coffee shop. But after a friend consulted him about opening a new business in Fondren, he loved the idea.
Passenger Jones on YouTube
The Last Paintings of Vincent Van Gogh - slide show older version of Float Slowly.